Annaprashan sanskar

Annaprashan sanskar

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Importance and Significance of Annaprashan Puja

This Rice feeding ceremony is performed with the assumption that it’ll reshuffle any inadequacies that may have been gift. but this may happen solely after it’s carried out according to the correct Vedic technique. though the baby has been drinking milk, this ceremony is vital as it is the 1st time he can consume solid food. The age is a vital facet to be looked into. This Puja has to be done between the ages of six to seven. If performed earlier, his body may not be able to digest it and delaying it an excessive amount of may affect the health of the kid.


Benefits of Annaprashan Puja

  • It is believed to cleanse the baby of things that he may have swallowed once he was in the uterus
  • It is believed to shield the kid
  • Helps in knowing regarding the kid,s inclination towards his occupation within the future
  • Showers prosperity
  • Help increase the life span of a personal


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