Zed Black Dhoop Cones Boxes (Rose, Mogra, Sandal and Lavender) – Pack of 12

Zed Black Dhoop Cones Boxes (Rose, Mogra, Sandal and Lavender) – Pack of 12

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Product details



Product detail

  • Long lasting and heavenly aroma – Zed Black Premium Dhoop Cones are seamlessly created for offering enticing and lingering aroma around the area. It not only uplifts the ambience of a room but also cheers you up.
  • One product- many fragrances! – The product encompasses12 Boxes. There are 20 dhoop incense cones per box. (Total No. of Dhoop Cones – 240 Dhoop Cones). You get three boxes for each of these fragrances – Rose, Mogra, Sandal and Lavender.
  • Use cone incense for offering your prayers or while meditating or relaxing. It will unquestionably boost up your confidence, create encouraging environment and purify the atmosphere while spreading the lingering aroma all around.
  • Dhoop aroma cones not only spread mesmerizing and lingering incense scents but will also make everyone go wow! You will undoubtedly love these 4 fruity and unique fragrances!
  • Convenient to use and easy to light up, these cones are worth every single penny. Gift it to your near and dear ones and let them feel the utmost of tranquility.


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